How we do?

How We Do?

you develop, we test

We OWN real devices –

We are proud to own real iOS, Android devices to be used for mobile apps testing and we do not use simulator/emulator.

Below are the list of devices available in our test lab –

iOS – iPhone 6, iPad 4, iPod 5th gen
Android - Samsung Tablet4, Samsung Galaxy S4, Moto G, Nokia 3
PCs available - Mac Mini, Linux Ubuntu, Windows XP, 7, 8, 10.

How does vTEST engage with clients?

  • We provide testing services from our own office located at 602 Platinum Square, next to Hyatt, Viman Nagar, Pune 411014 India to clients worldwide (
  • We dedicate testers for our clients and clients get advantage of the entire testing team’s expertise in addition to the dedicated testers
  • We work in a 8x5, 24x5 or 24x7 model as required
  • Our senior testers, test leads support the dedicated testers with test strategy, test planning and overall test leadership and this is NOT charged to the client. Client is required to pay ONLY for the tester.
  • Our clients get access to different types of mobile phones and tablets that vTEST owns in its test lab
  • Our clients reap the benefit of utilizing our rich expertise across different applications that we test.

How can development team provide application under test to vTEST?

  • Application is hosted on client’s testing environment and ownership provided to vTEST

Who pays for the testing tool?

  • Any tool that needs to be purchased will be paid for by the client and license retained with client itself

What are deliverables from vTEST?

  • Test Cases
  • Test Execution results
  • Defects for each module, sub-module and end to end application shared on real-time basis
  • Recommendations for enhancing the overall quality and functionality of the application
  • Detailed test summary reports explaining risks evaluated
  • All test artifacts shared online with client’s team

How does development team connect with vTEST team?

  • We use Skype / Slack as chat tool for internal and external communication
  • In addition, phone calls and personal meetings are encouraged too.

Where would vTEST test analysts be located?

  • We are flexible for our resources to be located at client site, vTEST office or co-located

How does vTEST take complete ownership of testing?

  • vTEST will build a process for continuous testing to ensure complete ownership of testing process
  • Integrate testing process in alignment with the development schedule
  • For each release, write detailed test cases for change request, enhancement, new feature being developed
  • Execute test cases
  • Report defects
  • Coordinate with development team to discuss defects
  • Track defects to their resolution
  • Run frequent sanity checks to monitor health of the application
  • Conduct non-functional tests such as performance testing, security testing, automated testing in addition to release testing
  • Assist with requirements documentation, feedback gathering from actual users
  • Assist with release planning and prioritizing requirements for future releases
  • Recommend modifications to functionality, workflow to improvise the application
  • Maintain all test artifacts for each release
  • Provide detailed test summary reports including risks and go/no-go decision
  • Own the entire testing process and enhance overall quality of the application.

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