Life at vTEST

Life at vTEST

Here's how our testomaniacs enjoy their each day at vTEST

We OWN our office –

We are proud to mention that we own our office and do not use a rented office. We are based in the prime location of Viman Nagar in Pune and surrounded by multiple IT Parks, Software Companies. We have built world class interiors and our visitors have always appreciated the look and feel of our workspace.

Select your working days –

Yes, at vTEST, you are open to select your own working days like Tuesday to Saturday, Sunday to Thursday or Monday to Friday as usual. We believe in providing high level of flexibility to our testomaniacs and this is just one of the ways to help them out.

Dress Code –

At vTEST, you decide what you want to wear on any day – yes anyday. T-shirts, Jeans, Shirts, Western, Indian, Casuals, and Formals – all are OK until it’s decent. Be what you are!.

Work From Home –

All testomaniacs enjoy the privilege to work from home / remotely as we provide laptops to everyone and also share an internet dongle that can be used by any of our team members.

Performance Management System –

We take pride in our performance management system that provides our testomaniacs with an increment every 12 months from their joining date. Yes, that’s true and unique to vTEST. From the date of joining to every 12 months after it, each testomaniac is eligible for salary increment and skills review. We intend that each employee should grow his/her skills more often and be rewarded for the same.

Training & Development –

At vTEST, we believe in continuous learning and upgrading skills to have our testomaniacs at par with latest industry standards. All testomaniacs are encouraged to identify trainings, courses, sessions and conferences that they would like to attend. We sponsor INR 5000 per annum for each testomaniac to attend trainings, seminar, and conferences on prior approval from Team Lead and HR.

Rockstar Award –

In order to appreciate excellence in software testing and contribution to client deliverables, vTEST rewards excellent performers thru vTEST Rockstar Award that comprises of INR 1000 and selected per quarter.

Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF) –

Each testomaniac is required to speak on tools, technology, domain on alternate Fridays as a part of our TGIF Series. We love to share what we know and TGIF is the best platform where we have all our testomaniacs connected and participate for the next generation of testing.

Celebrations –

We believe in celebrating new joiners, birthdays, anniversaries and exits (yes we celebrate exists too).

Birthday - On your birthday, we order a cake for you and we love to celebrate your birthday at vTEST.

Exit - We feel sad to have anyone exit however we ensure to spend time with the testomaniac before the final exit and thank them for their contribution during their association with vTEST.

Marriage - Any testomaniac that ties the knot while being onboard with vTEST receives a small token of INR 1000 as a gift along with best wishes for their married life.

Compensation & Benefits –

Our compensation calculation is simple; yes we share the template with all so that each one can calculate their own compensation. We calculate salary as per working days of the month and have standard deductions of Professional Tax, TDS, Health Insurance, and Provident Fund and ensure to provide maximum in-hand salary to our testomaniacs.

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